Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Daily Oakland Sunset on Instagram

Wow it's been a while! And that while has been crazy, I must say! I'll get into what's been going on this past year in future posts...maybe...or maybe I'll just say I'm happy to be back and looking forward to the future! Now that that's out of the way, I wanted to dedicate this post to my new project, and tell everyone a bit about it. Ever since Instagram finally developed an app for Android, I've been hooked. After some time I noticed that a majority of my pics were of the absolutely gorgeous sunsets that we get almost every night here in the bay area. Sooo, I created a new account specifically for those shots so I could share what I loved with people who love the same thing, and feature their shots as well! In under just 8wks we're already over 750 sunset lovers strong, and 2 of my contributors have been chosen as Photo of the Week on an Oakland Tourism site visitoakland.org ! Its pretty awesome! It's been really fun for me to see all the different perspectives my fellow East Bay artists have when capturing their sunsets every day. And dedicating that little time each evening to finding somewhere to shoot, trying new ways of immortalizing the moment, and just consciously chillin out and watching Mother Nature at work has been so relaxing, and fulfilling. I'm grateful for everything around me on a daily basis, which has been a long time coming. :-) Feel free to come join us on Instagram: @dailyoaklandsunset




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