Monday, November 17, 2008

Kitchen Updates

This once much neglected room is still slowly coming together. I can barely remember what it looked like with wall to wall grey carpet, graffitti'd walls, a desk running the length of one wall, and the Incredible Hulk in a golf shirt looking down on us from the north wall.... well ok maybe I can remember!
Anyways.. I've taken to creating what I think will be a cross between old west saloon, Beat generation poetry lounge, gourmet kitchen, and possibly wooden ship galley. My lines of inspiration are long and tangled, believe me! I'm also not going to be buying any new items..a true "re"model!

The eating/sitting area. I'm going to cover that wall with pictures and add another cushy chair..probably in another lovely shade of 70's.

Cooking Area. The shelves were bought used, I painted them. We mounted a secondhand spice rack and wine glass rack. I made a little coffee station from an old wine rack. The chocolate brown we chose for the walls was meant to give the huge room a smaller, warmer feel. The red is pretty punchy, eh? I'm also pretty stoked about the silver bread box I found from a fellow Freecycler's goods. Its got to be an older piece, as its got a functional cutting board on the inside of the door.

We have all of our food stored on open baker's racks on the opposite side of the cooking area. I've got grand plans to convert that all into open shelving. I also want to add a music table, bookshelves, and some other comforting things. My goal is to make this area a sort of "gathering" place. A place to feel warm and safe and even a bit confined...sort of a departure from the rest of the expansive open warehouse space right outside the door.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Experiencing Fall in the Pacific Northwest

Some of the beautiful sights from our recent trip to Portland.

and some of the activities

Monday, November 10, 2008

The journey home

Leaving Portland today. I'm exhausted, but excited at the prospective new opportunities this trip has opened my eyes to.
The past two weeks have been hectic, so it was quite nice to get out of town for a bit. Full details and photo accompaniment to follow once we get back into San Jose.

For now... I will be finishing my coffee, settling into the passenger's seat, and drowning myself in this

one of the many books I picked up this trip.

We'll be home soon