Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Views from the Bay Bridge

A couple years ago, I got stuck on the Bay Bridge with hundreds of other morning commuters as a deranged gentleman ahead of us threatened to throw himself into the Bay, and blow up the bridge behind him. The police set up a roadblock, stopped traffic, and handled the situation after a couple hours with the SWAT team and plenty of news coverage...and no harm to anyone. We weren't being evacuated, were told not to be alarmed, but were pretty much stuck. Being stuck in the middle of the Bay Bridge didn't really afford us much to do except mill around and snap pictures. But, in retrospect, (given that the gentleman did not end up hurting himself or any other person), what a unique opportunity! I'll probably never get a chance to stand on the upper deck of the Bay Bridge again, as it's not pedestrian friendly. Looking back at Oakland.. oakland And out towards San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.. 2010-11-11_08-00-00_26 Just another reminder of how to turn a crappy situation into something better :)